Frequently Asked Questions


If I am in band, can I also play sports?

YES! The band directors and coaches work together to allow students to participate in both activities. You do not have to choose one or the other! As a matter of fact, we have had many former St. Amant High School Band members go on to successful college careers in sports all across the state.

If I am in band, can I also belong to other student clubs?

YES! In fact, most of the St. Amant Band students belong to a second, and sometimes third student club! We encourage involvement!  If you can think of a club, organization, sports team, or extra-curricular activity on our campus, you will find a St. Amant High Band member participating. We have Gatorettes, cheerleaders, color guard members, ROTC cadets, athletes, FFA members as members of our band. Band is class just like any other at St. Amant High.

Is learning to march as hard as it looks?

All freshman and new members will begin in the Spirit Band. This band is designed to give new marchers a one-year transition period into the competition marching band. Students who only participate in the spirit band have limited after school rehearsals (usually only five or six times a year) and work on easier music for these performances. In the spirit band, you will join our more advanced marchers and musicians which will give you great experience and guidance. All returning members will participate in the competition band and spirit band.

Do I have to audition for the St. Amant Marching Band?

NO. Everyone is welcomed to participate in the marching band REGARDLESS OF YOUR PLAYING ABILITY. You will be placed in the band class for your ability level/instrument. Part assignments (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.) will be determined during summer band practice.

I’m not sure whether I will like band or not. What should I do?

All students are encouraged to - at the very least – try band for the summer band practices. If you feel that you don’t like it, there is no obligation to stay in.

After marching season, what happens?

You will re-audition for Mr. Millet and Mr. Nassar, and then be placed into one of our three concert bands. Each of these three groups goes to festival and contests in the spring!

Can I be in band all four years?

Yes! You only need 24 credits to graduate, and band does count as a fine arts, P.E. , and elective credits, all of which you need for graducation and TOPS.  And since we are on a 4x4 block, you will get to take band all year while fulfilling requirements in other areas, allowing you to maximize your elective choices.

Will being in band have a NEGATIVE effect on my grades?

NO! As a matter of fact, most of the students in band are in the top of their classes. Research has shown that the extra time you spend in band not only helps you build your musical skills, but also makes you smarter in math, science, and English!

Does the St. Amant Band take a trip in the spring?

Yes! Every year all of the bands at St. Amant take trips to District and State Festival! Many years, we also take large, out-of-state trips. In the past we have traveled to and performed in Italy, New York, Washington DC, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, Texas, and Mississippi. We encourage everyone to go on the band trips, and we do fundraisers to help offset the costs.

How can I get my other questions answered?

If you still have questions or concerns, please contact one of the band directors listed in the contact section, and they will be happy to find all of the answers you need.


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